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The benefits of weeding your garden Weeds will take over a garden, they can survive dry and wet conditions. Weeds steal water from garden plants and destroy lawns. Best tips for getting rid of weeds, call Peter L William on 0427 523859 Best Tips for saving Water! Mulching is a good way of saving water, best types of mulches are organic sugar cane, pea straw and compost. Now to get the mulching done, call Peter L Williams on 0427 523859


Types of Australia Lawn


Anta Ana Couch


Matilda Buffalo

Tall Fescue

Water Usage Good Excellent Good Good
Drought Tolerance Excellent Excellent Excellent  Good
Heat Resistance Good Excellent Good  Good
Shade Tolerance Poor Fair Excellent Excellent
Color Retention Good Fair Good Excellent
Wear Tolerance Excellent Excellent Good Good
Fertiliser Requirement Good Good Good Good