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Colleen's designs are exclusive one off outfits with dreaming stories

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Story. Dreaming. Resilience. Empowerment. Transformation.

Colleen Tighe Johnson is a proud Gomeroi Yinarr (woman), originally from rural Moree, NSW and who now resides in Tamworth, NSW, on the eastern coast of Australia.

As a fashion designer, she uses her unique talents to harness the spirit of her ancestors to revive the Gomeroi Dreaming Stories. Her impact in her community is extensive. It’s profound. Through her energy and passion, she is not only creating exquisite designs, but she is gathering the talents of local skilled mentors, elders and role models to provide life-skills workshops for local indigenous youth. These include deportment, healthy lifestyle choices, and the importance of engagement with education. This not-for-profit organisation, Buluuy Mirrii (Black Star), brings opportunity to Gomeroi youth through the Miyay Mirrii (Girl Stars) program now knowing as Buluuy Mirrii Youth Program, which is a cultural awareness-training program, showcasing Aboriginal fashion. The business is delivering immeasurable economic positive consequences for the community. The effect is transformative, uplifting and completely worthwhile. Just like her designs.

Her passion? To showcase these designs to the world, which tell stories of the land of her ancestors. They are a synthesis of Aboriginal art, culture and fashion, showcasing local talent. They announce to the world that the oldest living people on earth, the aboriginal people of Australia, have survived, are thriving, are evolving and are empowering others to do the same. Colleen’s particular stories centre around her people, the Gomeroi nation. This is where her passion deepens as she works toward providing pathways for the young Gomeroi people, guiding them towards the stepping-stones to opportunity. She encourages all participants to remember, to connect and to look towards the future.

Recent fashion events Colleen has contributed to include
VAMFF with IRP 2015
First Nation Runway with IRP in Saskatoon Canada 2016
Yapa Styles Alice Springs Australia 2016

What is happening at Buluuy Mirrii, is special – perhaps a noiseless awakening, a beckoning, of a vast array of aboriginal Australian Gomeroi culture. Like many before her, Colleen Tighe Johnson has a dream – to step up to the world stage, to showcase her Gomeroi story, her communities’ stories’ and that of the First Peoples of Australia. She is, however, the first International Indigenous Designer to be invited to showcase on the first day of New York Fashion Week, in February 2017. Colleen’s dream is being realized. It’s happening! Maybe this ‘noiseless awakening,’ however, will not be so noiseless in New York. Colleen Tighe Johnson’s designs will make large, bold, loud and proud blasts and booms, in the ‘city that never sleeps.’

from Plitzs New York City Fashion Week

All Australia Aboriginal Fashion in Brisbane for International Women's Day 2017


Shareena Clanton Wentworth star at the logies,  wearing Colleen Tighe Design on the Red Carpet